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  • Alaskan Home Lifted 18 in. to Maximum Practical Recovery

    DRIVEN PILES SUPPORT SUNKEN ALASKAN FOUNDATION ANCHORAGE, ALASKA As with many locations in Alaska, Ketchikan boasts scenic surroundings as it’s situated along the Inside Passage, a cruise route well-traveled. Having a home in this charming setting ...

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  • Porch Safely Lifted to Recovery

    A home’s porch in Strongsville, Ohio, began settling, revealing foundation issues. After the problem proved to be more severe than originally believed, Ram Jack Ohio was brought in to help resolve the issue. Problem The foundation underneath the ...

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  • Basement Wall Recovery

    From 1920-1960, basements were standard in most homes in Reno, Nevada. Not only did they provide ample storage for dry goods, food, and coal, but they also added a layer of protection for structures built on the highly expansive soils.

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  • Supporting A Settled Foundation

    A homeowner in Eugene, Oregon, noticed warning signs of foundation failure. Instead of waiting and letting the problem grow worse over time, he contacted Ram Jack West in order to resolve the issues. Problem The homeowner started to notice warning ...

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  • Supporting New Foundations

    It’s rare that a large construction job doesn’t run into some unplanned obstacles. While this may be the case, it doesn’t make these obstacles any more welcome, and the last thing a builder or contractor wants to do is spend more money while adding ...

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  • Failed Concrete Pilings

    As a homeowner, when a repair issue arises, one wants nothing more than a job done right the first time at a fair price. So the owners of this residence were less than thrilled about the need for further foundation repairs after paying for an ...

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  • Deck Recovery In Soft Soil

    Introduction: It’s hard to imagine a more perfect place for a home than nestled among the trees in a quiet, quaint neighborhood in Vestavia Hills, Alabama. This home boasts a beautiful appearance as well as a lush, green setting. The oversized rear ...

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  • Union County Vocational Schools

    Situation : The existing school was built slab-on-grade. The architect’s new design called for an addition with a full depth basement 15 feet deeper than the original structure. This would in the end require that a three-foot wall be extended 15 ...

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