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  • Midlothian Case Study - Tilt Wall Panel Underpinning & Lifting

    A 686,000 ft 2 office/warehouse was under construction for Sunrider International in Midlothian, TX. The building consisted of 9 ¼” thick tilt wall panels and steel columns supported on 24” diameter under reamed concrete piers. Soon after the panels ...

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  • Orlando International Airport

    Immediately following a Lunch and Learn presentation at a well-known Florida engineering firm, Ram Jack Foundation Repair was approached for remediation of a structure used as a taxiway bridge at the Orlando International Airport. The presentation ...

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  • Rio Chico Bridge

    Chico River has the fifth highest velocity in the world. It was imperative that piles were installed before rainy season. A couple of things that were tried were rerouting the river and adding a gravity wall to protect the bridge columns. However, ...

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  • Bethel University Library Safe Room

    Established in 1842, Bethel University in McKenzie, Tennessee has a rich history of higher education. A staple of the community, the campus includes numerous historic structures consistent with the school’s age, some of which are in need of updates. ...

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  • Ram Jack Installs 18 Helical Piles to Support New Pre-Fabricated Structure

    ARIES CONSTRUCTION | PRE-FABRICATED STRUCTURE SUPPORT RICHLAND HILLS, TX It is often difficult for schools to keep up with the needs of their students. Whether the issue is crowded classrooms, outdated sports facilities, or simply the need for more ...

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  • Ram Jack Helical Anchor Test Bed Requiring 1,000,000 lbs Capacity

    Ram Jack Lowers Industrial Testing Facility Building Costs with Helicals Havana, Florida FMS Engineering, LLC was hired by Applied Fiber, a testing company specializing in terminated synthetic fiber systems. PROBLEM Applied Fiber needed to construct ...

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  • Ram Jack Helicals Provide Housing Unit Support

    Ram Jack Provides Support to North Central Philadelphia, Pennsylvania The North Central Choice Neighborhoods, part of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), received a grant for a new development in Philadelphia, PA, to provide ...

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  • Ram Jack New Construction Helical Piles Secure Marina

    More than Buoys Required: Ram Jack Steel Piles Secure Marina Ridley Park, Pennsylvania At 401 S Swathmore Avenue, Ridley Park, Pennsylvania, the Ridley Park project was set into motion. A new restaurant was planned, and the team at Ram Jack ...

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