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  • Neighborhood Restoration

    The Woodlawn Homes, a collection of historic houses on a Birmingham, Alabama cul-de-sac, don’t immediately appear habitable, but that won’t last. A restoration company has made it a goal to restore the homes to their original appearance and ...

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  • Magnolia Building - Structure Support

    Home to numerous doctors and business owners, the Magnolia Building in Fort Mill, South Carolina is classic, brick construction with a colonial feel. Remodeled to house offices, provide health care, and furnish other business services, the timeless ...

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  • Mt. Carmel

    Situation: The Mt. Carmel Health, Wellness, and Community Center development included a number of exciting engineering and construction challenges. The project entailed constructing a basement link addition between the Mt. Carmel Church and the ...

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  • Limestone County Courthouse

    Introduction: The Limestone County Courthouse is a beautiful, historic building that not only represents justice and peace, but also the heart of the South in Athens, Alabama. With a beautiful stairway leading to a decadent entry surrounded by ornate ...

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  • American Royal Building

    Situation: The American Royal Center is one of the buildings located within the 14-Acre American Royal Complex. This facility is used to host several national conventions, trade shows, livestock shows, and industrial exhibit shows. Cracks and wall ...

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  • Greene Street United Methodist Church

    The Greene Street United Methodist Church in Columbia, South Carolina dates back nearly a century. Built in 1921, the church addition matched the appearance of the rest of the church; however, it lacked the same structural support. It was built ...

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  • Coca Cola Plantation

    Historic Coca-Cola Mansion Repaired Newton, Georgia Once the personal residence for Robert Woodruff, the man accredited for the success of Coca Cola, the “Coca-Cola mansion” sits on a 29,000-acre estate in Newton, GA. The home, an off-grade ...

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