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  • Supporting A Settled Foundation

    A homeowner in Eugene, Oregon, noticed warning signs of foundation failure. Instead of waiting and letting the problem grow worse over time, he contacted Ram Jack West in order to resolve the issues. Problem The homeowner started to notice warning ...

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  • Failed Concrete Pilings

    As a homeowner, when a repair issue arises, one wants nothing more than a job done right the first time at a fair price. So the owners of this residence were less than thrilled about the need for further foundation repairs after paying for an ...

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  • ATC Development - Remedial Repair

    A telltale sign of foundation damage is separation of windows, floors, and doors from the walls to which they were originally tightly connected. As the foundation settles, the walls come with it, causing gaps to form or windows and doors to fit ...

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  • Windsor Forestry Tools

    Situation : October 2008, Windsor Forestry Tools, a local industrial facility in Milan, TN, contacted Ram Jack of Tennessee with some foundation issues they were having with their building. During the site inspection, large cracks were observed in ...

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  • Vertical Crack In Brick

    Introduction: Julius Suggs owns a beautiful home in the quaint Columbia suburb of Irmo, South Carolina. While he was diligent in keeping up with home repairs and ensuring that his abode was in top-notch shape, eventually the elements got the better ...

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  • SLS Hotel & Casino - Settled Slab Recovery

    When you’re in the casino business, every hour you are closed means lost revenue. If repairs are needed, time is of the essence, and every second you can gain by getting a job done right in minimum time possible is critically important. When the SLS ...

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  • Support of Myrtle Beach Home

    Resting on the peaceful Intracoastal Waterway in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, is a beautiful, two-story home. With a welcoming entry, magnificent facade, and lovely river view, the home exudes luxury and comfort. Given its recent construction and ...

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  • Significant Foundation Settlement

    Hilton Head Island boasts stunning scenery, gorgeous homes, and wonderful weather for much of the year. Unfortunately, not as much can be said for the soil on which many of the homes rest, as it varies in quality despite the overwhelming beauty of ...

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