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  • Unsupported Foundation

    No matter what you do to take care of and protect yourself, there’s nothing you can do to prevent a natural disaster. And in the case of a natural disaster, there is often little you can do to prevent damage to your home. Situation In Littlefield, ...

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  • Sinking CMU Piers

    As much as a homeowner can prepare for a natural disaster, a 1,000 year flood is nearly impossible to foresee or plan for. Due to their extreme nature, even well-built homes are susceptible to such catastrophes. Fortunately, as their name implies, ...

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  • A Permanent Solution for Alaskan Earthquake Foundation Damage

    RAM JACK REMEDIES ALASKAN EARTHQUAKE DAMAGE ANCHORAGE, ALASKA PROBLEM When a magnitude 7.1 earthquake wrecked havoc on the foundations in their community in November 2018, Anchorage homeowners the McCann’s saw immediate foundation damage. Like many ...

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