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  • Backyard Deck Saved from Sinking Foundation

    Residential Deck Saved with Helical Piles

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  • Helicals to Support Tree Wrapped Wooden Deck

    This is a large wooden deck foundation project for Rice University near downtown Houston, Texas. Walter P. Moore and Associates designed helical supports for two separate 2’x 8’ wooden decks that surrounded two large oak trees. Because of the small ...

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  • Porch Safely Lifted to Recovery

    A home’s porch in Strongsville, Ohio, began settling, revealing foundation issues. After the problem proved to be more severe than originally believed, Ram Jack Ohio was brought in to help resolve the issue. Problem The foundation underneath the ...

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  • Deck Recovery In Soft Soil

    Introduction: It’s hard to imagine a more perfect place for a home than nestled among the trees in a quiet, quaint neighborhood in Vestavia Hills, Alabama. This home boasts a beautiful appearance as well as a lush, green setting. The oversized rear ...

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  • Three-Story Porch Recovery

    Sitting atop a high bluff in a beautiful Birmingham, Alabama neighborhood, stands a picturesque property. The newly built, multi-level home looks flawless on the surface and has an enviable view, but beneath the charming exterior laid an unseen ...

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  • Gazebo Recovery Over Pond

    Problem: Ram Jack evaluated a burgaw, north carolina gazebo built over a pond on eight (8) 8 in. by 8 in. timber piles embedded 6 to 8 feet below grade. The piles had settled approximately 12 inches. Half of the wood piles were also located in the ...

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  • Front Porch Separation

    Introduction: The entryway to a home makes one of two statements. It may be warm and welcoming, inviting visitors and guests inside; or it may be cold and uninviting, prompting guests to think twice before knocking on the door. When running a cozy ...

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  • Patio and Deck Recovery

    Nestled on the Saluda River in Leesville, South Carolina stands a home with a beautiful view. Not only do the basement- level back porch and main-level rear deck overlook the river, but the view of the home from the water reveals a gorgeous abode ...

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