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The History of Ram Jack®

Committed to High-Quality Foundation Repair Services

The origins of Ram Jack go back to a small pest control business owned by Bill Gregory in 1968. Eventually, his son Steven incorporated elements of foundation repair into the business, developing the Ram Jack system to combat standard foundation repair methods that were simply ineffective and unreliable. The first of our many patents was filed in 1985.

Since that time, our team at Ram Jack has continued to develop systems, products, procedures, and services designed to help homeowners, engineers, and commercial contractors across the country.

Quality Service You Can Count On

We have experienced growth in our company thanks to our dedication to:

  • Quality first
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Complete integrity
  • Safety
  • On-time delivery

Additionally, our methods and engineering systems have been utilized by engineers throughout the world because of their reliability and versatility. Our team continues to find ways to innovate in the field of foundation repair and has even played a key part in the building of the largest solar field ever constructed.

Creating Custom Solutions & Products

We produce our products according to our strict guidelines at our manufacturing and distributing facilities in Ada, Oklahoma. In 1999, we started to build a network of skilled and competent to dealers to offer Ram Jack systems. This network has grown to more than 50 dealers/franchisees throughout the country, helping countless homeowners and commercial contractors nationwide.

For more information about Ram Jack and how our services can be tailored to your specific foundation needs, contact (888) 330-2597.

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