Ram Jack® Manufacturing Facility

ISO 9001:2015 Certified Facility

At Ram Jack, we have developed a state of the art manufacturing facility in Ada, Oklahoma that manufactures and produces more than 150 standard products for our locations. We also produce custom products that are required for larger and more specialized jobs. Our facility is ISO 9001:2015 certified and has been utilized to develop products for the installation of the two largest solar fields in the world.

For more information about our manufacturing facility, call us at (888) 330-2597.

Research & Development Division

Since the beginning Ram Jack has invested in innovation and technology. Ram Jack currently owns 12 patents. New products and equipment are developed and tested at Ram Jack’s Research & Development Division to meet the growing demands of steel piles both domestically and internationally.

Cut & Drill Division

The addition of a second hypotherm controlled retro water-table plasma cutter has increased capable volume of parts by 35%.

Our newest Tsune rotary blade bundle saw, in conjunction with fully automated gantry conveyor system, will have two drill stations, an auto-crimping station, and guide-flaring station will also increase efficiencies in our manufacturing plant. This equipment will allow a better quality of cuts, truer profiling of pipe, reduction in required staff, and better control of quality and production.

  • Two (2) Tsune Auto-feed Cold Saws
  • Two (2) Automated Hem Saws
  • One (1) Colesen Saw
  • One (1) Semi-automatic Horizontal Drill
  • Two (2) Fully-automated Horizontal Drills

Weld Division

Utilizing both robotic and manual welding ensures quality of production by Ram Jack Manufacturing.

  • Six (6) Six-axis Motoman Robots
  • Mig and Tig Welding

Corrosion Protection Division

Ram Jack’s standard corrosion protection on all of its products consists of a thermoplastic polymer powder coating. The powder coating is in compliance with the ICC adopted “Acceptance Criteria for Corrosion Protection of Steel Foundation Systems Using Polymer Coating” (AC228). The powder coating is long lasting and environmentally friendly since it doesn’t emit volatile compounds into the soil or ground water.

Ram Jack Manufacturing has plans to expand capacity of its power coating facility. The expansion will allow up to 15 ft. material to be produced.

Machining Division

Highly-trained staff and top-notch milling equipment ensure quality and consistency in our machine shop.

  • 2012 Haas Vertical Machining Center
  • 2006 Mazak QT 250
  • 2006 Haas Mini Mill
  • Two 2012 Hass ST-30 Lathes
  • 2006 Haas SL30 Big Bore

Hydraulics Division

Our hydraulics shop builds custom-order hydraulic parts. Contact us for more information.

Key Contacts

  • Rick Morrison, General Manager of Ram Jack Manufacturing
  • Debby Calvert, ISO Quality Control Manager

Contact us at (888) 330-2597 to learn more about our manufacturing facility.

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