Supporting Chimney Foundations

Supporting Chimney Foundations

Ram Jack New England is not only a MA Foundation Repair expert but also specializes in repairing chimneys that have settled.

A chimney built of brick, concrete block or stone puts a lot of weight on the ground beneath it. Most times a spread footing is placed under a chimney and even still the weight of the chimney can fail. When this happens our Project Manager will do a visual inspection of the chimney and also he will do elevations to determine how much the chimney has settled.

He will take photos and consult with a local engineer to design suitable plan of repair. He will provide you with a written estimate and once you decide to move forward with the job he will obtain all necessary building permits.

Usually the project will start by hand excavating around the chimney down to the footings. We find that there is much less damage done to lawns and landscaping by doing this work by hand. Once this is done usually a helical or deep driven steel pile will be driven into the ground until it reaching enough resistance that it will hold the weight of the chimney.

Depending on the size and weight of the chimney, two (2) or more steel chair brackets are installed under the chimney’s foundation. Sometimes full recovery is possible and the chimney rotates back against the house. Once the chimney is stabilized we will repair any cracks in the foundation with our CrackShield ?? dual process crack repair system.

A foundation repair expert from Ram Jack New England of MA would be happy to answer any question you have about bowed wall repair or chimney repair.

This will seal the cracks from any ground water.

If the chimney needs to be re-chalked where it meets the house we can also do that with a matching color to match your chimney and house.

All tree stumps and debris should be removed and we usually will back fill with the same material making sure to tamp it every foot to compact the soil. We will then grade the soil away from the chimney so that surface water will shed away from the foundation.

If any shrubs were temporarily moved we will replant them where they originally were. (one of the reasons we take before pictures) We then will spread grass seed and leave you with the job of watering it until it is established.

All our residential chimney support jobs are covered by our Nationally Backed Transferable Lifetime Warranty. If for any reason the chimney settle further we will take care of all labor and materials to repair it and if something happens to Ram Jack New England your warranty will be covered by a nearby Ram Jack Dealer.

As an added peace of mind at Ram Jack new England you may request for us to do a yearly inspection of your chimney to make sure it is stable. This service is free to our Ram Jack New England customers.

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