Repointing Fieldstone Walls

Repointing Fieldstone Walls

Ram Jack New England can expertly repoint your fieldstone foundation walls. We understand what is needed to strengthen these types of foundations. We remove all loose materials between the fieldstone, paying close attention to maintaining the walls’ integrity. When these fieldstone masonry walls were originally constructed, the stone builder would use small stones of different sizes. These stones were called pinnings and were used to secure the larger stones. This would also lock in and make sure to transfer the load to each stone.

We do not use power tools in removing the old mortar. We prefer to do this work by hand, so as not to damage your foundation wall. We make sure these pinning stones are wedged in with a gentle but firm tap with the wooden handle of a hammer.

Our crews are trained to mix our own recipe of lime mortar. We never recommend a Portland cement based mortar to repoint fieldstone foundations.

There are several reasons why we use our own lime mortar:

  1. It allows for the stones to experience seasonal changes and slight movement with less cracking between the fieldstone;
  2. It lasts and protects the walls much longer.

Sometimes the basement fieldstone walls have been repointed improperly by an inexperienced DIY or contractor. It is important that the lime mortar be placed in a base layer with a different formula for the finishing mortar. Fieldstone repointing is an art form and an expert will make it seem like an easy job.

It is all about having the right tools and understanding the right lime mortar mixes needed for the fieldstone wall being repointed. The pricing to repoint a fieldstone foundation is usually based on the size of the stones and how many joints in a square foot. An average fieldstone foundation can usually be completed in 1-2 days. The average fieldstone repointing job is when the stones are about the size of a concrete block and the mortar joints are about 1/2 inch to 1 inch wide. The price per square foot would go up if the stones are smaller or the joints are many, as in the case with flat laid slate.

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