Repairing Retaining and Sea Walls

Repairing Retaining and Sea Walls

Ram Jack New England is not only a Cape Cod Foundation Repair specialist but also an expert at repairing retaining walls and sea walls. There are many of these walls in and around Cape Cod that need repairing.

On house lots with a slope some retaining walls will experience leaning, cracking or buckling. The solution to this problem is usually a combination of installing Helical Wall Tie back Anchors along with improving on the drainage in the area of the retaining wall.

Proper drainage at the base of the retaining walls will help keep water pressure and expanding clays from applying soil pressure against the retaining wall. This is usually accomplished by installing a 4″ PVC pipe with perforations in it surrounded by 3/4″ clean crushed stone or river rock.

As far as sea walls, there are many that are in need of repair throughout Cape Cod. These walls experience all types of conditions and need many times to be supported with Helical Wall Tie Back Anchors and large wall plates. In some cases a sea wall may need to be demolished and a new one installed with proper drainage and landscaping done.

At Ram Jack New England we understand local soil and climate conditions that we face on Cape Cod. We work with local engineers who understand our unique area. All our Project managers and crew members are expertly trained to design and install all our Ram Jack Repair Systems.


The Foundation Repair experts at Ram Jack New England of Cape Cod can assist you with any questions regarding wall crack repair or chimney repair.

Each year we have them attend company trainings and also the Ram Jack University where they receive up to date training on all our latest products and services.

One thing many property owners worry about is the mess involve in repairing a retaining wall or sea wall. Most of our work around sensitive areas of your lawn will be done by hand digging whenever possible. We find that this does much less damage to any landscaping.

Our crews are trained to treat your property as if they were working for their parents. We teach them to show respect for your property while they are performing their job. All dirt and debris associated with our work will be removed from your property. We strive to leave our job as neat and clean as possible and clean up after ourselves.

After our job is completed we will be happy to arrange a yearly visual inspection of the retaining wall or sea wall to see how our repair is holding up. Most of our residential retaining wall repairs are covered by our 25-year warranty.

All our Wall Tie Back Anchors are powder coated to protect them from corrosion ground elements. To learn more about how to repair retaining and sea walls visit the Learning Center.

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