Repairing Foundation Wall Crack

Repairing Foundation Wall Cracks

Ram Jack New England is a RI Foundation Repair company that specializes in repairing foundation wall cracks. There are different types of repair depending on the type of foundation wall and the type of wall crack.

Some foundation cracks are simply shrinkage cracks caused by the concrete curing. These types of cracks can be sealed with a urethane grout to stop any ground or surface water leaking through the crack.

Other foundation wall cracks are part of a bigger structural problem. It is important to know why these cracks developed and if part of a structural problem they should be repaired by epoxy injection or our CrackShield ?? dual process crack repair. This type of repair uses a urethane grout that is injected into the crack to stop water leakage. Once this is done the wall is strengthened by embedding a Kevlar weave into a specially formulated epoxy resin.

Foundation cracks in block walls will usually display stair step cracks near the corners and a long horizontal crack somewhere in the wall. This usually suggests that the wall is bowing in. If the wall is not bowed too much we can install carbon fiber grid strip embedded in an epoxy resin. These carbon fiber straps will help support the wall from bowing any further.

In stone foundation walls sometime there will be cracks in the mortar joints between the stones. Re-pointing (or tuck pointing) can help seal these cracks and also help strengthen the stone wall.

Have a question regarding bowed wall repair or retaining wall repair? Please ask a foundation repair from Ram Jack New England of RI today.

These stone foundation will sometimes experience seasonal movement due to changing weather conditions. It is important to make sure surface water and roof water are directed away from the stone foundation to help protect the wall.

Many times one will see foundation cracks under basement windows. This happens because this is where the weakest part of the wall is. Sometimes you will see foundation wall cracks leaking where the bulkhead is attached to the foundation. Usually, these cracks can be repaired by injecting urethane grout which will stop active leaks and also serve as a gasket to seal the seams.

All our workers are throughly trained in all the crack repair techniques we use. They are train to be courteous and polite, treating your property as if it were their own.

They are covered by worker’s compensation insurance as well as general liability and auto insurance coverage. We provide free written estimates along with a detailed plan of repair. When our crack repair is completed we will provide you with a 15 year transferable written warranty.

Not all foundation cracks are structural; however, it is a good idea to have our Project Manager look at the cracks before you do anything. It is harder to determine if foundation cracks are structural after they have been repaired once.

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