Foundation Wall Crack Repair

Foundation Wall Crack Repair

Ram Jack New England is a locally owned company providing Cape Cod Foundation Repair services to homeowners and property owners. There are many different types of foundation repair and many types of different foundation wall crack repairs.

Most foundation wall cracks are normal shrinkage cracks that are non-structural in nature. These types of foundation wall cracks simply need to be sealed to protect the home from water and air intrusion. Ram Jack New England will repair these types of cracks by injecting a urethane grout. However if a structural repair is needed we will do an epoxy injection.

However if the walls cracks are part of a bigger structural problem it is important to correct the cause of the problem and not just fixing the effects. In most cases when a foundation wall crack is part of a structural problem it is preferred to hold off repairing that crack until the foundation is stabilized.

Part of a structural repair job would be to weld the foundation wall back together at any wall cracks. We recommend using our CrackShield ?? Dual Process Crack Repair because it will seal the cracks from leaking while adding additional tensile strength by embedding a Kevlar Weave in an epoxy resin applied over the crack.

Our Project Manager will provide a free written estimate to repair any foundation wall cracks you may have. If he is not sure that a structural problem exists he may recommend installing a crack monitor and record the movement of the crack for a period of time.

The Foundation Repair experts at Ram Jack New England of Cape Cod can assist you with any questions regarding bowed wall repair or chimney repair.

This will determine if seasonal changes are causing the cracks to move.

Repairing a crack with a ridged product like hydraulic cement may work for some time, however seasonal changes will cause this type of repair to re-crack and leak.

When we inject a urethane grout that travels clear thru the wall crack all the way to the outside of the foundation wall it protects ground water from entering the crack. It is important to keep that ground water from entering the crack and freezing, causing further structural damage.

If cracks are just sealed without correcting the real problem that cause the foundation to crack in the first place, The repair can actually affect the installation process of any piles or wall tie back anchors.

Most foundation repair contractors just repair wall cracks and don’t have any means to install any foundation repair systems. Ram Jack New England not only seals foundation wall cracks but also can install piles to support a failed foundation. By working with our professional company that offers complete foundation repair services, you can be assure of the right job being performed.

Our CrackShield ?? process comes with a 15-year Transferable Written Warranty on any foundation wall cracks that are repaired.

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