Foundation Settlement Problems Solved

Foundation Settlement Problems Solved

Ram Jack was started in 1968 in Oklahoma. It would make sense that the need for foundation repair would be great in the Southwest states because of the extremely expansive clay that causes many foundation failures. With years of experience and thousands of repairs under their belt, Ram Jack decided to franchise its network of dealers. This lead to the beginning of Ram Jack New England, as home and business owners were suffering from foundation settlement in the Cape Cod area. Ram Jack New England was formed to specialize in the repair of sinking foundations. Ram Jack’s patented, proven products provide the highest quality of foundation repair, so you can trust in the RamJack name.

The Foundation Repair experts at Ram Jack New England of Cape Cod can assist you with any questions regarding bowed wall repair or wall crack repair.

The equipment to do this work is expensive, but the support of the Ram Jack Network and access to any equipment they need allows them to accomplish even the largest of projects.

Cape Cod, as one might expect by seeing it surrounded on three sides by water, has a lot of silty sands that move along with ground water. Cape Cod is a beautiful place to live however if your home was built on sand and not a rock mass you may need to have our hydraulically driving helical pile foundation support system install to ensure your foundation is stable no matter what soil is below it.

Of course it is always easier to install new construction helical piles and then pour concrete footing right over them to make sure the soil can support the weight of your proposed home. It may be worth having soil borings done to find out what kind of material is on the proposed house site.

Another common problem that Cape Cod has its share of is concrete block walls that bow in because of soil pressure pushing on them. It is important to support such bowed walls BEFORE they collapse.

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