Columns Repaired or Replaced

Columns Repaired or Replaced

Ram Jack New England is not only a Cape Cod Foundation Repair Contractor but also an expert at repairing or replacing columns that support the beams of your home.

No matter what type of column you have we can repair or replace it. Columns can be made of brick, concrete block, poured concrete, concrete filled steel post, and even wood.

A column has failed when it can no longer support the weight of the structure. Our Project Manager will work with a local engineer to determine the best plan of repair. He will provide you with a detailed written plan of repair along with an estimate of cost.

Sometimes what needs to be done is to temporarily support the beam on each side of the column. Then we will remove the existing column so that we can hydraulically screw a helical anchor into the ground right below where the column was until it is determined that it can support the weight of your home’s center beam. Once these are done a 2 ft by 2 ft concrete footing it poured and once cured a new concrete-filled steel post is installed under the beam.

A column failure can be part of a bigger structural problem so it is important for our Project Manager to do a thorough inspection of the entire foundation.

The Foundation Repair experts at Ram Jack New England of Cape Cod can assist you with any questions regarding wall crack repair or foundation solutions.

Sometimes we are able to get partial or full recovery. It really depends on what carpentry work has been done to cover the effects or a settling foundation or grade beam.

Our Project Manager will visit your home and do a visual inspection and provide you with detail plan of repair along with an estimate of cost. Once you decide to move forward with the job, our Project Manager will arrange to obtain any necessary building permits and schedule a crew to do the work.

Our crews are expertly trained to do this type of work and we require all our Project Managers and crew members to continually attend company, industry and manufacturer seminars to keep them up to date on the latest technologies in the industry.

They are trained to be courtesy and polite. You will be amazed at how they pick up after themselves and return the work area to as clean as when they first arrived on the job site.

Once our job is completed we will be happy upon request to do a yearly visual inspection of your column(s) to see how they are performing. We provide this service fee of charge.

Any of our residential column support repairs come with our Ram Jack Nationally Backed Transferable Lifetime Warranty. This is the best warranty in the industry.

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