Costal Timber Support

Using Timber Pile Support System in Durham

Sandy soils and beach erosion cause homes built on timber pilings to shift and sink over time. Ram Jack installs helical piers and piling brackets to hold the piling in place, and uses the standoff bracket to hold the helicals in place during the lifting process. These brackets keep the timber pilings straight with no tilt.

Helical Piles and Piling Brackets Protect Home From Erosion During Storm

Ram Jack's Timber Pile Brackets attached to Helical Piles hold this house firm through Hurricane Sandy. Brackets were installed about 8 years ago and are being exposed due to the erosion from the storm. Without Ram Jack's Timber Pile Bracket this structure would have been at high risk for settlement due to erosion.

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Keeping Your Family & Home Safe

  • Ram Jack Systems Distribution "I would also like you to know that all of the work done on my foundation by Ram Jack over the years is working great with no problems."
  • Ram Jack Systems Distribution "hey provided great execution on the installation."
  • Ram Jack Systems Distribution "I would not hesitate to use Ram Jack in any of the multi-million dollar projects I was in charge of."
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