Helical Tiebacks


Helical and driven piles are useful in many applications of repairs; however, sometimes there are situations where lateral repairs are needed. One common case is retaining or basement walls that are bowing in. For these kinds of problems Ram Jack of Mississippi offers repairs using Helical Tiebacks.

Common Uses

Basement Wall Stabilization - Helical Tiebacks

Whereas helical piles are installed vertically underneath structures, Helical Tiebacks are installed at angles to resists lateral loads. Tiebacks are commonly installed to stabilize retaining walls, but they can also be used inside basements and crawl spaces. If needed, they can be used in conjunction with foundation repair to provide lateral bracing. Their purpose is to restore and maintain lateral stability.

The Process

Basement Wall Recovery - Helical TiebacksThe lower end of a Helical Tieback is twisted into the ground via a hydraulic driving head until it reaches the minimum depth necessary. The other end is attached to the retaining or basement wall in need of repair. A Helical Tie Back Load Bearing Plate is then used to attach the pile to the wall to maximize support and stabilize the anchor. The result is a strong repair that will last.

Custom solutions can also be created for unique projects, such as a battered Helical Tieback installation. This method consists of installing Tiebacks at 45-degree angles in a consecutive pattern to provide ultimate lateral support.


Our Helical Tiebacks are manufactured from pure carbon steel using an eco-friendly process. To accommodate for varied applications, they have couplings on the ends, allowing connectivity for increased length. They are also coated with a thermoplastic co-polymer powder coating that protects against erosion and ensures a permanent repair solution.

The Industry-Leading Method

Our Helical Tiebacks can be installed at virtually any necessary angle and remain intact in harsh conditions. The installation of Helical Tiebacks is also a clean and easy process, and in most cases the installation takes only 1-2 days.

We strive to disturb landscaping as little as possible and leave everything as it was before repairing, while providing the highest quality stabilization solution. If you have retaining or basement walls in need of lateral bracing, or if you want to learn more, Contact Ram Jack Mississippi today.

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