Superiority of The Ram Jack System

Superiority of The Ram Jack System

The Ram Jack Foundation repair system is patented and manufactured by Ram Jack, so we maintain strict quality control from start to finish. Only the highest quality components are used in the repair of your home.

Ram Jack’s patented lift system is used to recover settlement of your home. High carbon, steel pilings are driven vertically by 70,000 lbs. of hydraulic power to an average of 22 feet below your home to anchor the structure and prevent future settlement.

A hydraulic pump uses a synchronized lift to raise the affected areas of your home simultaneously to maximum practical recovery.

Keeping Your Family & Home Safe

  • Ram Jack Systems Distribution "Outstanding job, professional foundation repair & extremely impressed."
  • Ram Jack Systems Distribution "We can not express how happy we are with not only the quality of work that was done on our century old barn but how great your workers were."
  • Ram Jack Systems Distribution "I am very pleased and heartily recommend Ram Jack to others who may have similar needs."
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