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Effective Solutions for Sea Retaining Walls

Ram Jack® is your source for custom seawall solutions. Our tri-plate, waler, and helical pile seawall product provides a more cost-effective and efficient solution to seawall repair and construction. We are one of the only companies to offer affordable permanent solutions to failed seawalls. More than that, we provide lasting solutions—not temporary “fixes” that result in future failure.

Our in-house engineers work directly with you to ensure you meet local, state, and federal regulations through our services.

Seawall Retention System for Commercial Properties

We offer a seawall retention system for both retrofitting and new construction. Normal pressures exerted by tide and other pressures can cause damage to poorly constructed or installed seawalls.

The Ram Jack system can pull existing seawalls into place and lock them in permanently through helical piles torqued through soft soil until it reaches load-bearing soil. Once it is in place, the retention system can be placed. The same practices can be used on new construction or development projects.

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